Detergent 4 in 1

The detergent “Alpine Weiss” is thanks to the new and improved formulation effective, economical and highly concentrated starting at 30 ° C. The detergent is recommended for whites and coloreds, except for wool and silk. The detergent “Alpine White” contains lime protection, stain remover, fabric softener, and is phosphate-free. Effectively removes most stains, making whites brilliant white and freshens with the coloreds up the color. Effect even at low temperatures of 30 ° to 95 ° C and saves you long soak times. Washing powder makes the colors vivid and is biodegradable, it can be easily rinsed out. Is gentle to the laundry and makes hard water soft. “Alpine White” is used sparingly, so economically effective. Is suitable both for hand washing for all types of washing machine.

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